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First post: An Online Research Journal

blog1Hello 🙂  Welcome to my online Family Research Journal!

I’m a family historian/genealogist living in Washington, DC.  I’ve been researching my family history for almost 10 years from my home and online (with a few trips to the National Archives –which I’m so fortunate to have nearby).

I have been researching my Western European roots as well as some elusive ancestors who were early American Pioneers.  One of my goals has been discovering my maternal line as far back as I can.  I have been stuck for a few years on my 5th Great Grandmother, Nancy Hardin who was one of the first Western European settlers in Alabama.  Her maiden name has been a roadblock that has been discouraging and even a bit de-motivating.  But after a few recent family history events of my own, I have been inspired to start investing in my genealogy through developing new skills and reaching out to fellow genealogists.

My new inspiration is my recent engagement, the joining of a new family and our next generation. My fiancé’s tree brings a new challenge as his entire family immigrated to the US during the Jewish emigration abt. 1880 from Eastern Europe as well as an emotional investment in a new line.

So here is my first step to connecting and documenting these stories. I started this online research journal to begin carving out more time to invest in myself and my family, learn better genealogy skills, connect with other family historians and hopefully teach something to someone else!  I would love to hear from you about any tips on genealogy blogging, research skills, possible family links, or collaboration!


11 thoughts on “First post: An Online Research Journal

  1. Hi, and thanks for following my blog. It looks like you are brand new to blogging but not to genealogy. I hope you find that keeping a blog is as useful to you as it has been for me. And congratulations on your engagement!


      1. Yes, I’ve learned so much since I started blogging by reading what others are doing and by getting their feedback on my work. I look forward to your blog!


  2. Hi, I am visiting from Instagram. I see you are pretty new at blogging. You have created some beautiful posts and hopefully some will help you find more cousins for your Family Tree. Fran


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