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Searching for Naturalization Records Abt 1915 for Belorussian Ancestors

I found this Naturalization record for a Harry Margolin who emigrated from Minsk, Russia – one of my research goals is to come as close as I can to the shtetl in Minsk (present day Belarus) that J’s great grandfather, Meyer Pearlman, and siblings immigrated from – and then all of the information about what life was like there of course!  There is a Harry Margolin who is the brother in-law of Meyer who also emigrated from Minsk with his wife, Hannah.  They all settled in PA.  I hit a brick wall with Meyer and am now going through all of his siblings.  Unfortunately this Harry Margolin is likely not our relative (his wife’s name and birthdate are different from what I know of our Harry).  I’m sharing his record though because of the reminder that it’s not a straight-line to find our ancestors documentation by searching their names – this Harry Margolin had changed his name sometime after arriving in NY – he arrived as Gersch Margolin!  Reading this discouragingly reminded me that I need to keep an eye out for various first names to find our ancestors emigration and naturalization records (but how wonderful it will be when we do find Meyer’s naturalization record with the chance of a photo!).    I know that Meyer, our ancestor was naturalized abt. 1915 as per the 1930 census.  Most likely he was in Pennsylvania when he submitted his declaration of intent, but there is also a chance he was in NY or NJ (he moved within a couple of years).   This is my first time looking so intently for naturalization records abt 1915 (my family all came over before this period) – does anyone have any good blog links, tips, guides, videos on how to systematically uncover these documents?  Any great discovery stories?



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