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Scrapbooking my Alabama Pioneer Family

One tool that I like to use for genealogy is scrapbooking! Not only is it a fun way to share your findings to others but it can be a fun way to look at and organize what you know.  I also find it a time to reflect and think about what I do know as I layout the pieces of the puzzle that I have – and it’s just fun to be creative! Here is a page I did for a scrapbook I’m creating for research on my 5th Great Grandmother, Nancy Harding. I’m searching for her maiden name and am going through all her children’s history to find any clues! She had a lot – so this page was a fun way for me to visually look at all their names, birthdays and the pending death dates I’m looking for.  I know the Harding children were all born in Shelby, County Alabama abt 1830. Nancy was born in Tennessee and her husband George in South Carolina. My current theory is they arrived in Alabama before 1830 with their pioneer families on a covered wagon.

I’m on the lookout for tips on researching early Alabama settlers and cluster genealogy – would love to hear from anyone also looking in to these!



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