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Tombstone Tuesday – Jacob and Yetta Michlosky, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Jacob Michlosky (1852-1960) , J’s Great Great Grandfather is buried in Holche Yosher Cemetery, along with his wife Yetta Silverstein Michlosky (1852-1921). [1][2] Jacob immigrated in 1868 and Yetta came in 1870, the year they were married.[3] Their 6 children were born and raised in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.[4]   I’m still searching for the shtetl of origin of Jacob, but believe it could be in former Lithuania, former Russia, present day Poland.[2][3][5][6]

In the US, Jacob first worked as a peddler of clothes.[7][8] He also opened a restaurant and a jug house – where he had a quart license to bottle and sell whisky by the quart.[9][10][11]   Jacob was an observing orthodox Jew and was a founding member of the Holche Yosher Wizan Synagogue in 1881, named after his place of origin in Lithuania.[3]   

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1882 [7]
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1882 [7]
Sunday News [8]
Sunday News, Wilkes-Barre [8]
Sunday News, Wilkes-Barre [10]
Sunday News, Wilkes-Barre [10]
Jacob and Yetta’s children became prominent citizens active within the synagogue and various philanthropic activities in Wilkes-Barre.  They were featured many times in the society columns of the Wilkes-Barre newspapers early in the 20th century.  Their 6 children were Samuel Peter, Sarah, Harry (J’s Great Grandfather), Joseph, David and Mollie.  Their sons owned a restaurant, a banquet hall, a jewelry store, a music store and an electrical lamp store. They were business partners with the Landau brothers and Jacob and Yetta’s daughters, Mollie and Sarah each married a Landau brother.[12]   

Jacob and Yetta are both buried in the Holche Yoscher Cemetary on 1225 S. Main Street in Wilkes-Barre, PA next to 4 other Michloskys; Abraham and Anna Berman Michlosky and their two sons Philip and Louis Michlosky.  My assumption is that Abraham is the brother of Jacob, but I am still looking to confirm this (along with confirmation of their place of origin). Holche Yoscher is also known as “the Jewish Cemetery at Hanover.”  The address is 1225 S. Main St. next to the B’nai B’rith Cemetery. It appears to be small, with 48 rows in the cemetery.[2][13] The Holche Yoscher Synagogue (dedicated on Lincoln Street in 1887) is no longer operating,[14] the congregation may have merged early in the 20th century with another synagogue as the Jewish population in Wilkes-Barre declined.

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Jacob and Yetta Michlosky's Family Tree
Jacob and Yetta Michlosky’s Family Tree


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    1. Thanks!! I have Abraham’s death cerificate – his father is listed as Jacob (also)Michlosky and mother is unknown. I have sent away for Jacobs death certificate and am waiting patiently 🙂 from the picture I have I didn’t find any additional info on the tombstones – but think you are right and hoping to take a cemetery trip soon!


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