I love history and love being creative through paper crafting! I’m combining the two to research my family history as an amateur genealogist.  It’s a colorful one! My current research priorities are:

  • Jewish Immigration in early 20th Century [Perlman, Margolin]
  • Jewish Gen and life in Belarus [Perlman, Margolin]
  • Early American Immigration and Pioneer History [Hardin, Harding]

I created this blog as a research journal to document my own genealogy story, the stories and lives of my families ancestors, and to connect with other genealogists!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello partner and blogger in family research. I found your blog in a round-about way. I have been doing family research for about two years now. I believe that any endeavour in genealogy must be supported through interaction with other researchers in this highly complex field. My blog is about 60% devoted to family research. The rest is about the community of Fauquier, a small village in BC, Canada. Perhaps we can share our experiences via our blogs.

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    1. Hi Peter! Thanks for stopping by and connecting – I look forward to sharing our genealogy journeys and supporting each other – I definitely need all the support I can get and hope to help others myself along the way.

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